Hello my viewers! I apologize for the lack of photography updates lately. I’ve been wrestling with feeling that my artistic and time management skills are inadequate. This has just led me to wearing circles into the ground worrying my assignments to death and not putting actual time towards trying to complete them and when i have worked on them i’ve been creating nothing i’m proud of.

Photography is all about creative problem solving though, so i better fight my way out of this funk! My first solution is to not turn in any work that did not make me yell in excitement (Which is a loud ‘Huzzah!’ for those that know me in real life) when I first see it on my camera.

That being said here are some lovely light painting images taken last week. All three of these images had me jumping for joy and running to my professor to share my pride. These photos were taken with a light painting process my class learned from photographer Joe Reed. The light glow was done in real time, any other embellishments are post processing. I fell in love with light painting that night and next weekend i’ll be applying it to a new series of portraits. Cross your fingers and wish me luck! The semester is dwindling down to nothing and I have to prove to myself that my heart is still in this damnit!